Fashion Positive (Fashion+) is an initiative of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, working for more sustainable materials within the fashion industry.

The goal is to get fashion businesses and professionals to collaborate on identifying, innovating, certifying, and scaling the fashion industry building blocks of the future. Imagine a world where designers can choose between thousands of textiles, zippers, buttons, and threads that are all guaranteed to be sustainable, healthy and perpetually cycled in a circular economy. That’s the vision of the Fashion Positive initiative.

Fashion Positive includes both small and big brands, designers and manufacturers within the fashion and textile industry, and everybody can join. So far the initiative has 45 partners, among them known brands like H&M, Nike and Tommy Hilfiger.

Wish List for New Sustainable Materials

One of the results of the initiative is a kind of wish list, identifying what sustainable materials still need to be developed for the market. At the moment it encompasses anything from leather alternatives to algae-based dyes.

Fashion Positive positivlisteAnother list provided by the Fashion Positive initiative includes all the materials already meeting the requirements. They are Cradle to Cradle certified products, suitable for circular fashion.

About 40 fashion materials have already been Cradle to Cradle certified.

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Broaden Your knowledge Through Webinars and Seminars

Fashion Positive offers a range of webinars and seminars helping the participants understand sustainability and circular economy within the industry. Designers can find inspiration and manufacturers get tools to develop new sustainable products.

Moreover, the Fashion Positive website offers a great amount of ressources, among them articles, videos and recordings of already held webinars. The easiest way to join the initiative and get updates is to sign up for the newsletter.

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